“On the first day of application I felt very good. By the third day I am 95% cured from the rash. I absolutely LOVE this ointment and have already ordered more!!!”  — Dionne E., Maryland.

This is one of the success stories of the patient who was suffering from the yeast infection from many days and got relief after using ‘Femmisel Cream’.

Femmisel cream is a natural therapy to treat yeast infections. It contains four natural ingredients which when combines in required proportion gives relief to the infected area faster. It is made up of Silver Oxide, Jojoba oil, Organic Beeswax and essential oils.

Benefits of Femmisel cream:

* Minimizes odor, inflammation and oozing
* Prevents from recurrence of infection
* Helps in restoring natural balance in the vagina
* Killing parasite, fungus, bacteria that leads to these infections
* Helps in moisturizing and repairing the skin

The cream can be used for vaginal yeast infection (candida vaginitis), bacterial vaginosis (bacterial vaginitis), trichomoniasis (trichomonas vaginitis).

The product is manufactured in USA by Aidance Skincare. Femmisel is mostly recommended by medical experts and is also available in market without prescription and can be easily used at home. The cream helps to end the vaginitis yeast infections symptoms such as itching, discharging, burning, odor, sores and any of the discomforts caused by yeast, parasitic and bacterial vaginal infections.

There are many products in market to cure yeast infections. Some are available with prescription and some without. Herbal products are also available to treat yeast infections. The product is available in the market depending upon the severity of the infection.