Yeastrol is a not really a new product used to treat yeast infections like vaginal infection. Currently it is one of the best yeast infection treatment available in the market. Why? Because it primarily containsnatural ingredients that works fast and effectively, minus all the possible side effects.

Yeastrol‘s main ingredient is Wild Indigo. This is a natural herb that eases burning sensations, pains, aches, and fatigue. All of these are the symptoms of yeast infection. And they are the main points of concern of wild indigo, also referred to as Baptista Tinctoria.

Aside from that, Yeastrol also contains purple coneflower. The purpose of this herb is to treat thrush and mucus accumulation, more particularly observed in the mouth, tongue, and throat areas. It can also help cure abdominal pains, which is also common to people suffering from yeast infections.

For women with vaginal infection, the active ingredient of Yeastrol called cinnibar is the one that would help most. Cinnibar eases redness, swelling, and heat. It eliminates the whitish discharge women with vaginal infections experience.

Arbor Vitae is yet another good ingredient of Yeastrol. It eases itching in the urethra, eases burning sensation, and even treats recurrent coughs. The combination of these ingredients is what makes this powerful yeast infection cure work.