Never had I imagined that my kid could have yeast infection. I thought this problem affects adults only. But then again, my child, who is 12 years old then, complained about problems with her ear. She said that sometimes it would go away. But it would soon come back and cause her a great deal of discomfort.

I tried to go to an ear doctor. She gave me some medications for it. However, it is so expensive and it didn’t work as expected. My daughter is back with the same symptoms and I can tell that she’s really suffering .

I came across a product called Yeastrol. It was recommended to me by a fellow mother whom I knew from the neighborhood. She told me that her child had the same problem and that the product could help. She also asked me how old my daughter was. When I said 12, she said the medication should be good.

I tried to follow the instructions she gave me. The remedy is supposed to be sprayed under the tongue. I thought the bottle is a topical ointment. So I was taken aback. I wouldn’t want to give my child something I’m not sure of. What I did is I went to the same doctor and asked her what she thinks about it. She told me that the ingredients of Yeastrol were natural and that it should be okay. With peace of mind, we tried it.

Well, it worked! Now my child isn’t complaining about ear problems anymore, only after a few weeks of regular use. All along, it was yeast infection. Thanks to Yeastrol, the best yeast infection cure there is. It solved my child’s problem successfully!