Yeasts are living organisms thriving inside the body. You can think of them as the parasites and you are the host. The moment they multiply in large numbers, they conquer your body and you get sick. This is how yeast infection occurs.

And that’s how my doctor explained it to me. I have suffered from yeast infection for several months. I was diagnosed in March. My doctor said there are simply too many yeasts inside my body and I have to get rid of them.

He prescribed me a diet and a medication called Yeastrol. At first, I thought it was a real medicine. Then I discovered it is a natural herbal product. I called my doctor asked if he was sure of what he gave me. He said yes so I took his word for it. But he simply yet strongly reminded me of the diet plan he gave. He said that if I just followed it and use Yeastrol as indicated, I wouldn’t have to worry about yeast infections.

And boy, was my doctor right. In another two months, he diagnosed me totally cleared. Yeastrol surely helped a lot.