After consulting the doctor and knowing the cause for the development of yeast infection, the experts recommend for specific antifungal pill or ointment.

Usually medical experts suggest antifungal pill such as Diflucan or antifungal-cream such as GyneLotrimin or Monistat or suppositories such as butoconazole, miconazole, clotrimazole, and tioconazole. Yeastrol is a homeopathic product that helps to help with Yeast infection.

The major cause for the vaginal yeast infection is the imbalance in the human body. This can be treated or prevented by:

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  • Intake of balanced diet
  • Having proper and enough sleep
  • Avoid using deodorant tampons
  • Remove the swim suit as soon as you come out of the swimming pool
  • Women should not use pads or panty-liners after the period is over
  • Don’t use deodorant sprays as it irritate the vulva and vaginal areas
  • Its always advisable to keep the vaginal area dry from front to back after urination and bowel movement
  • At times use of antibiotics also leads to yeast infection. It’s advisable to ask for anti-yeast prescription.
  • Further, it is advisable not to wear tight-fitting clothes.  Rather they should wear cotton and not synthetic underwear.

At times it also happen that, people suffer from a yeast infection because of past experiences with yeast infections and see no change in ones sexual history, then the patient should initially go for the over-the-counter yeast treatment. If the patient still doesn’t get rid of the symptoms, then the patient should go for the medical provider for further examination.