Vaginal yeast infection is quite common among females. According to the survey it was found that, over 70% of women develop yeast infection in their life and over 40% develop more than one yeast infection.

The vaginal yeast infection develops because of Candida albicans. These bacteria along with other bacteria are usually found in relatively small numbers in the human body crotch. At times the yeast grows at a faster rate which leads to a full-fledged yeast infection.

Vaginal yeast infection takes place due to the imbalance in the human body especially in women. The vaginal balance gets disturbed due to following reason:

* Hot-weather
* Wearing non-ventilating or wet clothes
* Excessive use of antibiotics
* Intake of oral contraceptives
* Stress
* Diabetes
* Repetitive intercourse over a short duration of time
* Pregnancy
* High intake of carbohydrates such as alcohol or sugar
* Suppressed immune system
* Other causes such as use of soaps, new detergents, powders, etc

But the patient should always keep certain things in mind before treating any infection or disease. Firstly, if the patient is getting recurring yeast infections then they should figure out what’s the root cause of the infection and then go for treatment. Secondly, if the person is aware of the things which develop them with yeast infection then they should take extra precautions with those specific elements. Further, they can also take some milder remedies at home rather than taking drugs and making their body used to it.